In-Car Driving Lessons

When a student enrolls in DS Driving School West or Teen Behind the Wheel lessons, they are acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to DS Driving School West's Behind the Wheel scheduling policy. This policy includes spreading out the three BTW lessons over a specific period of time, scheduling lessons during the designated time frame, completing a minimum number of driving hours before each lesson, and scheduling the final lesson at least four weeks before the road/license test. Please see our about page for our policy prior to registration. 

  • Teen Behind the Wheel Only

    This package is for Teen students only who completed their 30 hours of classroom instruction at a driving school other than DS Driving School West, and still need to complete their Behind the Wheel instruction. You must provide a copy of your Letter of completion showing you have completed your 30 hours of classroom instruction. This should be emailed to us at 

    This package includes three 2-hour driving lessons for a total of six hours of behind-the-wheel training.

    Each registered student's contract is valid for thirteen months from the student's classroom start date (in person or distance learning) or enrollment of Teen BTW only unless the student is 14 years old when starting their classroom instruction, in which case, that contract will start on the student's 15th birthday.

    As a reminder DS West's BTW Scheduling policy; when a student does not complete their three behind the wheel lessons within 13 months of their 15th birthday or the date, they receive their Blue Slip (upon their 30 hours of course completion) persons will be charged a fee of $150. This will extend the individual's policy for an additional 13 months.

  • Adult Behind the Wheel

    This package is for adults (18+) who are preparing for the MN driver's road exam or who just need some extra lessons to be a more prepared, safe, driver.

    Note: The State of MN does not require 6 hours of behind the wheel (btw) lessons if you are 18 or older, therefore students who are 18 and over are able to book a single btw lesson at a time.