Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

How do I schedule my Permit/knowledge test and what do I need to have with me when taking that test

Driving Log and Road Ready App to track state required driving time.

What do I need to have with me in order to take my road/license test?

DS Driving School Students

How can I make up a missed day of in person classroom training?

What is the structure of your Distance Learning Program?

When should I schedule my 3rd BTW Behind the wheel Lesson and how do I receive my White Card?

Why do I need to spread my 3 BTW lessons out over 6 months to a year?

How Do I schedule my BTW lessons and when does the next months schedule become available?

I am a new DS Driving School student. How do I register for In-Person Classes.

How Do I rest my DS Password?

What happens if I miss my scheduled behind the wheel?

Driver Education

How old do I have to be to take Drivers Ed?